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Portable Electric Massager

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Color: AU Adapter

* 5 kinds of intensity intelligent dual mode, from shallow to deep, intelligent massage

* 45dB low noise

* Built-in 2900mAh long-acting energy storage lithium battery, massages for 10 minutes a day, and can be used continuously for about 84 days. 

* High-speed impact of 3200 rpm, it instantly penetrates 10mm deep muscle groups and takes away sore fatigue. 

* Choose a professional fitness mode after exercise to relax tight muscles, which can eliminate accumulated lactic acid, drive away sore fatigue.

* Put the product into the recessed part of the charging base, you can quickly charge. 

* 4 professional massage heads to take care of every muscle group.

-5-speed dual mode, from shallow to deep, intelligent massage

-84 days, long standby time

-3200 rpm, surging power

-10mm, reaching the deep muscle group

-45dB, low noise 

-Innovative charging base, you can charge it easily.