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High Quality TPR Dog Suction Cup Ball Toy

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$26.56 - $42.39
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Color: Pink Oval-M

Material: TPR Rubber. Weight: 245g /0.54lb. Size: Total length: 430mm/16.9inch. Suction cup: H 63mm*φ95mm. Dispensing ball: Max φ80mm. Features: Made of high quality TPR food grade rubber, bite resistant and environmental friendly, safe and harmless. The upgraded powerful suction cup can stably fix the distribution ball in the designated position. When pets play, food leaks out. The built-in bell will increase their interest and can attract dog's attention and energy without having time to bite your furniture. The surface rubber granules can improve pet oral health. Double-layered tooth bulge can effectively remove dog's calculus, tartar and bad breath, thus keeping the dog's breath fresh. Unique design, it is attractive for the dog and makes them not refuse it. To encourage the dog to do more exercise and prevent them from becoming fat and have a healthy body. The self-playing rubber ball can Enhance IQ, and provides a challenging way to dispense treats. It reduces boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise, while developing, and maintaining your dog's physical alertness. Package Include: 1 * 1 x Suction Cup Dog Toy Cup Notice: Press the suction cup firmly, in order to completely discharge the air from the suction cup, please step on the suction cup with your feet instead of pressing it with your hands. Pull the triangular protrusion, you can easily lift the suction cup from the ground.