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Holographic Glowing Soccer Ball

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The Holographic Glowing Soccer Ball is the perfect outdoor toy for your family to enjoy all year round! Experience night time fun, as this premium quality ball uses nuanced holographic and reflective materials to ensure every kick is met with stunning visual effects. Designed with a high-quality reflective synthetic leather cover, the ball showcases great flexibility and durability while providing maximum comfort during playtime. When activated in the dark, you will witness its full spectrum of luminous colors, creating an unforgettable soccer experience that keeps kids coming back for more. A cool and confident look awaits when using this extraordinary ball at night – picking up camera flashes easily even in low light environments. Boost your kids active lifestyle today with the dazzling Holographic Glowing Soccer Ball!



Material: PU 
Size: No. 4/5 
Process: Machine Stitch

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