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Outdoor Protective Adjustable Pet Collars

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Size: Cat M3

Type: Collars

Collar Type: Head Collars

Pattern: Solid

Material: Plastic

Feature: anti flea ticks mosquitoes

Usage: Pet dog collar/ collar for cats

Protective timeliness: 8 moths

Size S: 33cm (Adjustable)

Size XL: 63cm (Adjustable)

The 33cm Collar (S )suitable for: cat

The 63cm Collar (XL) suitable for: dog


Size :S: Length 33cm Weight 15g Suitable for cat

XL: Length 63 cm Weight 25g Suitable for dog

Material: PVC

Long-term Protection: Normal conditions, this product up to eight months (even in water).

Safety & non-toxic:This collar removes insects such as fleas and mosquitoes by immersing them for several months with plant extract. It is safe for pets and humans.

Waterproof & Lightweight:This collar, which removes this fleece, is waterproof design and it is not necessary to remove the collar when the pet is taking a bath. Besides, it is light and it is not a burden on dogs and cats.

Adjustable:This collar can be adjusted by the size of your love pet. If it is too long, you can cut the extra length.

Target:It is a cat, a dog for 8 weeks or more. If the pet is sick, pregnant, or elderly, please ask your veterinarian before using it